Friday, 21 March 2014

Kids Excel With Martial Arts Traning

When you enroll your child into a martial arts program you're giving them the tools to build a set of indispensable skills that will carry over into adulthood. In Vancouver, kid’s martial art is gaining popularity; parents must understand the benefits of personal safety and discipline their child will receive from these kinds of programs. 

You might be familiar with the saying “Setting goals leads to Success”. When your child sets out to achieve the first belt rank, he is actually guiding himself towards reaching a worthy goal. The children will stay focused and organized as they learn & improve techniques while being patient in the process. The feeling of pride, success and accomplishment as they reach the first belt makes it more enviable to get to the next belt rank or goal. Also, the erudition to build self-worth and overcome personal weakness is the core principle in martial arts. A challenging learning environment is the perfect way to teach a child to think logically, be organized and stay focused. As skills and techniques improve; it also augments self-confidence and the way they look to solve problems or stresses in daily activities. Practicing with different partners builds teamwork and a feeling of acceptance & friendship.

Kickboxing Vancouver
Martial Arts Vancouver

Visit us at, we will change your child’s aim of life. With our programs, find out how to make your child physically and mentally strong. Our little orcas tots and R.E.A.L martial arts junior program will augment your child’s confidence and enhances physical as well as mental development. We also provide Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Women’s only martial tribe boot camp etc for adults also. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Benefits of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a sport that has taken over the gyms throughout the world. The exercise has grown in popularity in Vancouver as a fitness regime; it combines cardio elements to give practitioners a high-energy, full-body workout. In Vancouver, kickboxing has developed as an exciting sport; men and women are increasingly choosing this sport as the perfect method for maintaining their physical fitness, losing weight and increasing their overall health. There are many benefits of kickboxing for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Reduce Stress: The best ways of dealing with stress is exercise. There are a number of studies that support a regular fitness routine in maintaining healthy stress levels. Kickboxing helps in taking the stress-reduction benefits of exercise to a whole new level. The kicking and punching techniques of the exercise can be cathartic, but the sport also stipulates cardiovascular fitness while providing strength training for your whole body. The movements learned in the class target multiple core muscle groups and within a few minutes of practice you'll feel your stress melt away.

Increased Energy: Although the sport requires a lot of energy, but it also augments your energy levels as well. When you first start with the training, it may leave you fatigued at the end of session. But as you build your strength and cardio fitness, your energy levels develop as well. You'll also benefit from sweating out the toxins that you're exposed to throughout the day.
Improved Confidence: Another benefit of practicing this exercise is confidence. During training, your brain releases endorphins which are known to elevate mood and increase confidence. More importantly, the endorphins released during your exercise routine will help you feel happier for hours after the workout has finished.

Do you want to achieve fitness by doing an exercise that is really fun and exciting? Visit us, we provide a wide variety of martial arts training for men, women as well as for children. We operate a number of different programs which includes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Women’s only Martial Tribe Boot Camp and R.E.A.L. Martial Arts Junior program.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

What are the Rewards for Learning Kickboxing?

Kickboxing learning camps has increased a lot, as it has many benefits engrossed in it. This has been popular as it is a combination of cardio elements as well as full body workout. Now comes the benefits of Kickboxing in Vancouver as well as various places.

Kickboxing reduces stress. Maintaining stress levels these days is getting tough for everyone. In this exercise regime the core muscles of the body are used, thus leading to complete body fitness, especially helping in cardiovascular fitness.

The second benefit is boost up of confidence. During kickboxing, the mood gets happier, making the endorphins release, which help in generating confidence.

The third benefit is it leads to better concentration and better coordination. There is improvement in body posture and between the reflexes. It helps to be précised as the punch has to be accurate and exact. Henceforth, kickboxing leads to better focused mind.

The fourth benefit is it is a best way to lose Weight. It is a full body workout and if kickboxing done properly for an hour leads to loss of 800 calories rest depending on a person to person, but definitely it improves the metabolism.

So why not join Kickboxing at Vancouver, which is a package of defense mechanism as well as a way to improve the cardio elements.

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Kids Martial Arts Port Coquitlam

Friday, 31 January 2014

Kickboxing- A Complete Workout Routine

Why are people opting for the Kickboxing workout in Vancouver? They know that this is an extremely enjoyable routine; going for a kickboxing workout means that you are going through a routine which concentrates on developing the large number of muscles of the body. Kickboxing workouts are used for developing thigh & hip muscles which helps in giving right support to the body and are considered good for taking care of cardiovascular diseases, apart from improving the stamina of your body.

If you want to have greater body flexibility, enhanced strength and become really healthy, go through quick kickboxing routines to the sound of music. You should look for classes which are going to have kickboxing routines. Initially, you need to start by warming up and a little bit of stretching, jumping jacks & push-ups to get your muscles ready for kickboxing. Then, you will do the kickboxing workout routine which includes punches, kicks, knees strikes and other aerobic exercises for time duration of 30 to 40 minutes in order to achieve a complete and whole body workout. Some of the kickboxing routines also have exercises like skipping ropes and punching bags; as you practice this by kicking with your feet, it helps to develop your leg muscles properly. Every workout should be followed by cooling down sessions as to get the best results. Later than, have a 10 minutes session of muscle stretching and toning which is helpful in building up your muscle and stamina. A kickboxing workout gives an overall conditioning as well as good whirling to your body.

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We at  provide a wide range of workout routines for you. Our fundamental programs like Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu etc are run in order to give you a total body workout & improves your muscle strength.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Kickboxing- A Beneficial Workout

You must have seen the local advertisements for kickboxing in Vancouver, but you are not sure if these classes are beneficial or not. Firstly it is important to understand the kickboxing work out and the associated benefits with this workout. Following are some of the benefits of this workout and understanding them; will help you decide better that kickboxing is an ideal solution for you as a work out to maintain physical fitness and health.

Muscle Building & Toning

While taking kickboxing classes, you will be toning and sculpting muscles in the ways you never thought it was possible. This is because of the moves that you do will help in toning the muscles of your arms and legs.

Self Defense

Since kickboxing is a form of martial arts, everything that you learn in kickboxing classes will be grounded in the beliefs and practices of martial arts. This means that you will learn important skills on how to defend yourself. This is primarily why so many women turn to kickboxing classes in the first place; as they can learn to defend themselves and to deliver effective punches, jabs & kicks that will keep to keep attackers at bay.

Calorie Burning

When you start practicing kickboxing, you will observe that there is a large emphasis on the cardio part of this workout. In fact, you will discover that you are able to burn more calories than you could with cardio exercises like jogging, walking or cycling.

Mental Benefits

In addition to the physical fitness benefits, there are also mental benefits to kickboxing classes. After attending kickboxing class you will find yourself in a calmer and more positive mood. This is because the kickboxing classes help to release endorphins that help you to stay happier.

If you are planning to join kickboxing classes, contact us at Along with kickboxing classes; we provide a number of martial arts programs for both adults and kids, which would help you to maintain your physique and be in shape.

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Kids Martial Arts Training

Train your kids with martial arts in Vancouver

Self defense is a term which is defined as knowingly using your physical force to protect yourself or your loved ones from any unwanted physical harm. If you understand the fact that you have to survive in this violent and dangerous world, and you have only two options either to forget about it, cross your fingers and hope for the best or accept the responsibility to learn how to protect yourself and people related to you.

It is only you who can take the responsibility of protecting yourself against the possible brutalization which can place any time and with anyone. The meaning of self defense varies from person to person. Some people think it is just to prevent home invasion, some think it is concerned to throw a punch, some just go to a gun shop and buy a gun and think that they have everything  possible which is needed for self defense and some people are also there who think that martial arts is only viable solution to the problem.

Activities like Kwon fu, karate is fun for kids to learn and a great way to achieve fitness and focus on at a small age. Self discipline, self defense and socialization are the main benefits achieved by martial arts. The parents who are worried about their children suffering from attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorder are greatly impressed by the results as such exercises help to gain concentration and self control.

We are providing training in martial arts for kids in Vancouver and we have trained many kids till now. If you want your ward to be an active child then let him/her join us for his/her proper mental and physical growth and along with that he/she would be made familiar to self defense  in our center. It is often said that we can mold children in whatever way we want to mold them as children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an expression, we just need it to put in the right direction.

It is very beneficial for your children to have knowledge of such an exercise so that if in future they need to protect themselves from unwanted harm, they can easily do that without any hesitation or second thoughts in mind. We provide this training in many parts of Canada. Martial art training for kids in Port Coquitlam is also provided by us and we have many more training centers.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Martial Arts Training Center

Martial Art Training
Martial Art Training
Why you should join Martial Arts Training Center ?

Martial Art Training offers you an opportunity to learn defense and fighting art. The best part of learning MMA is to build up a great sync between mind and body. Due to hectic and busy lifestyles many of us find difficult to spare some time for exercise every day. But most of the people are not aware about a fact that joining a Martial Arts Training Center can surely lift their fitness level to an extent. These training centers get you committed towards your body build by diverting your attention towards your physique. You can certainly achieve a better control on your body using these training classes.

Martial arts have become more popular as one of the leading ways to keep your body fit. People who are dedicated enough towards their strength and fitness consider their Martial Arts Training Center no less than any temple. By joining these classes you can improve your agility, boldness and strength. It is important for you to find out the best center before getting started your martial art classes. You should be careful while learning mixed martial arts because wrong exercises may result in different kind of injuries or health concerns.

Don’t rely on a training center that is new or has inexperienced trainers. Yes, some of these newcomers in the industry may offer you training at the low cost as compare to the other training centers but you must not compromise with your safety in order to save few dollars. A training center or school that has many experts in the team can only teach you certain tricks quite well during your Martial Art Training. This is because they are energetic enough towards different tricks and forms.
Martial Art Training Center
Martial Art Training Center
Money can be a crucial factor in the selection of a perfect Martial Art Training Center as no one likes to pay any extra money for the same training. Thus, it is essential for you not to join any first available training center that you feel like joining. You need to contact few training centers or may be even visit in personal. This can help you in noticing the environment of center along with optimizing health and safety of the place. Only after visiting 3-5 centers you should think about joining any training center that meets with all your requirements.